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Najla C. Kubrusly - JUCESP nº 1484
Founder Partner
Over 40 years of translation experience

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Najla Kubrusly - Sócia A Firma Traduçoes

Najla C. Kubrusly is a sworn public translator. She obtained the Certificate of Translator and Interpreter with proficiency in English / German from the Ibero-Americana Schools in São Paulo. Najla resided in London for a period, where she improved her English language knowledge. In 2005 she took a refresher course at the Alumni Association. Najla worked for 40 years in the Press Office of the United States Consulate General in Sao Paulo, creating several reports, documents for Brazil and for the United States. Simultaneously, she developed a brilliant portfolio of more than 1,600 documents translated from English into Portuguese and vice-versa. 

Najla was approved in a public contest and named Public Translator and Commercial Interpreter in English in 2000. She is registered at the Commercial Registry of the State of Sao Paulo under record number 1484.

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