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What we do


Types of documents we translate:

We offer solutions in Portuguese and English translations for the most diverse documents for your personal or professional needs with agility and security.

  • Legal Texts and Contracts

  • Accounting texts

  • Books, Magazines and Articles

  • Business Documents

  • Websites

  • Civil Records

  • Diplomas

  • Transcript of Grades

  • Certificates

  • Manuals

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Income Tax Return

  • Film Screenplay

Regular Translation

Any document to be expressed in another language (English to Portuguese or Portuguese to English) with no need for submission to a public body is a regular translation. Its rate is calculated based on several factors of the characteristics of the text.


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Certified Translation

Document made by a qualified public translator at the Commercial Registry with letterhead. The certified translation has public faith throughout the national territory and must be filed in a public record book. This means that this translation has the same value and effect as the original document. The certified translation fees are established by the Price Schedule for Certified Translators and Commercial Interpreters of JUCESP (Commercial Registry of the State of São Paulo). For further information, visit:

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